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Curiculum Vitae

Knowledge and experiences

Digital video producer : acquisition of projects, conducting intake interviews with clients, writing project proposals, performing camera and sound recordings, recruiting freelancers like voice-overs, actors, script/scenario writers etc., video editing using Final Cut pro X, Motion 5, AE, PS and software like Mac office and Freeway pro.

Chemical development enigineer : Material and process research, thin film and coating technology, surface cleaning and modification, photolithography, electrically conductive polymers, display technology, chemical formulations, photochemical glues, process optimization, instrumental analysis, metal etching processes, vapor phase deposition, organic synthesis, scanning electron microscopy, working in clean room conditions (class 10000, 1000 and locally 100).


Skills & competences

  • Process optimization and problem solver (using technology know how and techniques like FMEA, SPC, DOE, Pareto analyses.
  • Motivating, guiding and supporting of technicians in R&D and production environment.
  • Keep in contact with suppliers of chemicals and measuring/production equipment, research centre in order to keep up with the latest developments
  • Experience in chemical formulations and compounding, material research, photolithography for IC and non IC applications, (conductive)polymers, photosensitive materials
  • Thin film technology (films ranging from 100 nm to 300 microns thick).
  • Surface cleaning/modification to improve adhesion properties.
  • Metal etching processes, electro formation and metal sputter deposition.
  • Measuring material properties (chemical as well as physical) of organic polymers and coatings thereof using (near)UV/IR spectroscopy, GC/HPLC/GPC, , FTIR, TGA, DSC, SEM (Philips model 500, 525M and XL)/EDAX, AFM, conductivity and I-V measurements, layer thickness measurements techniques.
  • Writing reports, publications and ”user requirement specifications” (URS), the latter in
    consultation with the supplier. After purchasing the desire equipment performing “final shipment and release tests” based on the URS at the supplier.
  • Familiar with working in a clean room environment class 10000 up to 100 and locally class 10 conditions



  • Dutch -----> read, write, speak : native
  • English -----> read, write, speak : fluently
  • German -----> read, write, speak : good
  • Russian -----> read, write, speak : very basic


Software experience

  • MS Windows and Apple OSX operating systems
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Mini tab (statistics)
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Final cut pro X (video editing)
  • Freeway pro 5.5 (website developing software)



  • College of MultiMedia, Amsterdam, Digital Video Producer, 2009-2010
  • State University of Utrecht, Chemistry, 1991-1995

thesis :“Absorption properties of alkoxy substituted thienylenevinylene oligomers as a function of the doping level” at Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven.

  • Chemical technology, HTS Eindhoven, diploma, 1981 -1985

thesis : “De bereiding en karakterisering van homogene styreen-ethylmethacrylaat copolymeren”, vakgroep polymeerchemie aan de TU Eindhoven.


Previous jobs  

2015 - 2017 : Chemical process engineer at Océ, a Canon company, in Venlo (project basis).

  • Development of coatings with specific properties for MEMS based print heads
  • Research into interaction between ink and Si based surfaces
  • Innovative processes for the patternwise application of coatings

2010 - present : Mutsaers Video Recordings, manpower & equipment facilitation

  • production of videopitches, event registrations, auditions, produkt presentations, audits, testimonials, company movies

2011 - 2012 : Project leader at Polymervision in Eindhoven

  • transfer of electrowetting based display technology from development to a production environment.

2008 - 2009 : Equipment engineer bonding at Anteryon Wafer Optics B.V. in Eindhoven

  • Bonding process for the production of “integrated lens stacks” and spacer-window assemblies for “beamers”both for cell phone applications.
  • Experience with production equipment like the Suss MA200 compact (mask/bond aligner), Asymtek 2000 (dispense unit).
  • Support of operators in production.
  • Preparation of production work instructions.

2006 - 2008 : Production engineer at Stork Veco in Eerbeek (Production Engineering)

  • Responsible for the improvement of photo lacquer moulds in terms of re-usability by chemical surfac modification. The moulds are used in a galvanic replication process.
  • Preliminary research in electro formation (replacement of Ni by Fe).
  • Evaluation of ECM (electrochemical machining) within Stork Veco.
  • Designing process equipment (photo lacquer production) in corporation with engineering company.

2002 - 2006 : Project leader at FSM Europe B.V./ MPT B.V. in Sittard (Industrial Engineering)

  • Development of new photo lacquers based on milk proteins in corporation with NIZO food research and suppliers (DHV, Alko) of base ingredients (application : etching processes for flat shadow mask production which are used in CRTs).
  • Introduction and release in production of new lithographic processes based on new photo lacquers.
  • Process control of existing and new processes.
  • Development of new products (alumina apertures for cell phone cameras, ems foils for plasma displays).

1996 - 2002 : Process developer / project leader at Philips Display Components Eindhoven

  • Cost-down project : initiated and technical feasibility demonstrated in corporation with internal departments and external suppliers of materials and equipment.
  • Development of photolithographic etching processes using dry film laminate (selective etching of thin Al layers).
  • Quality control of lithographic etching processes.
  • Industrialization of developed processes (purchase, release of production equipment).

1986 - 1996 : Research engineer at Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven

Photolithography in IC applications

  • Chemical analysis of photo lacquers and mechanistic research of photo chemical reactions.
  • Development of new photolithographic processes and photoresist formulations (publications).

Electrically conductive polymers

  • Material characterization and formulation of polymer lacquers with specific physical and chemical properties.
  • Realization of world’s first polymer transistor (TFT) and integration of hundreds of TFTs in an all-polymer chip (2 US patents concerning polymer interconnects + publications).
  • Development of transparent electrical conductive polymer coatings for screening electromagnetic fields.



  • Scanning electron microscopy, certificate, 1988.
  • Solid state course, modules : semiconductor physics, theory of the solid state colloid chemistry, 1992.
  • Statistics, certificate, 2000.
  • Level 1&2 training MA200 compact (Suess Mask/bond aligner), certificate, 2009



Laminated structure of a metal layer on a a conductive polymer layer and method of manufacturing such a structure, United States 5,427,841, issued 27 juni 1995

Method of manufacturing a pattern of an electrically conductive polymer on a substrate surface and method of metallizing such a pattern, United States 5,447,824, issued 5 september 1995



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Internal reports

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